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September 2013 – Our paper “Increasing arboreality with altitude: a novel biogeographic dimension” was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society -B. Please see news links below that summarize this new dimension to biogeography and climate change. Paper here: 3 dimensional biodiversity

News Coverage: The Economist, Mongabay, ECOS Magazine

AmericanForests is using our study on “flattening” rainforests to tell President Obama that forests need to be a priority in his ‘Climate Action Plan’. As our study suggests, intact rainforests will be critical for species adaptation and safeguarding biodiversity as the Earth warms…

see here: Tree frogs’ descent

July 2012 – Our paper “What we know and don’t know about Earth’s missing biodiversity” was just published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution. Paper here: Missing Biodiversity

News Coverage: The Conversation, Science Daily, Wildlife Extra

Our paper on an active bushmeat industry at a study site in the Philippines was just published in Tropical Conservation Science. See here for news link:

Endangered fruit bats, and many other species, on the menu in the Philippines

October 2011 – My team and I just completed our field work in the Philippines. We collected some exciting data on arboreal amphibian and reptile communities over the past several months. A special thanks to Abner, Arvin, Becca, Madison, Perry, Ryan, Rafe, Sara, and Warren for all their help!!!

August 2011 – New paper published in PlosONE documents the current status of the world’s rediscovered amphibian, bird and mammal species.

For full paper see: World’s Rediscovered Species

News covereage:, Science Daily, Discovery News

May 2011 – New paper published in Proceeding of the Royal Society-B suggests that forests with minimal human disturbance are predicted to harbor the largest proportions of undescribed species.

For full paper see: Reservoirs of Richness

News Coverage:


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